“This is a review of my experiences at Drs. Hicks and McMurphy Orthodontics. In 2004 I was diagnosed by Dr. Michael Ledet following a sleep study with sleep apnea caused by an injury to my neck. Since that time I have used a CPAP machine during sleep. It made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I have used it consistently.

“In March of 2015 I learned about an oral appliance that could help with sleep apnea and spoke to Dr. Ledet about that possibility. He referred me to Dr. Stephen Hicks for a consultation and evaluation. I saw Dr. Hicks and had X-rays done that showed I could be helped with this appliance. Impressions of my teeth were made and within a few weeks an oral appliance was delivered to me. Over the next several weeks I returned to Dr. Hicks and adjustments were made to allow maximum benefit for my breathing. Dr. Ledet ordered an at-home sleep study that showed I was breathing even better than with the CPAP machine. Out-of-town travel has become much simpler for me as well. There have been a few issues to work with and at one point the appliance’s setting was a little too forward on my lower jaw. This caused some pain which I dealt with by going back to my CPAP for a few weeks and allowing the jaw to rest. Now I am using my oral appliance and feel the adjustment is just right. No pain at all from use.

“I also want to say that Drs. Hicks and McMurphy and their staff have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout this experience. I have been able to go in for adjustments and seek advice whenever I have needed to do so.

“This process has taken a year to get adjusted both psychologically and physically to using an oral appliance. It is a great improvement over the CPAP and I am very glad I made the choice to make this change.” – Gloria L.

“The office of Hicks & McMurphy is the place to go to get that smile that you've always wanted. The doctors and staff are dedicated to finding the exact treatment each person needs to get the perfect smile and look that they want. I was treated special and important each time I was seen and I am very pleased with my results.” – Cathy T.

“You and your staff did a kick-butt job on my smile and there are not enough ‘Thank yous’ I could say or write to let you know how appreciative I am!” – Star W.

“Dr. Hicks and Dr. McMurphy have truly been a blessing. I was referred to them when I was having problems with TMJ. Prior to becoming a patient I was getting migraines from the pain in my jaw every day. It even hurt to sleep because I had to apply pressure on my jaw when I put my head on the pillow. After meeting with Dr. Hicks and receiving my splint, I no longer suffered from migraines at all. I had gone to an orthodontist before for my TMJ and never had the success that I have with Dr. Hicks and Dr. McMurphy. Along with treating the problem, the associates go out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcome during each visit. I am very thankful for Dr. Hicks and Dr. McMurphy and their associates.” – Laura A.

“My orthodontic experience has been one that I will never forget. About two years ago, I met Dr. Hicks and Dr. McMurphy with my daughter, Kaylee. They were so helpful with her that I decided to see if there was anything they could do with a tooth that had shifted and my small overbite. After an appointment, I discovered that my jaw was offset and I could have surgery while in braces to repair it. I got braces, unsure if I would have the jaw surgery. There were so many horror stories told to me that I decided to research the surgery myself. After some research and prayer, I decided to have the surgery.

“It has been six months since my surgery and I don't have any regrets. No doubt, it wasn't a picnic but I would go through the process again if needed. The worst part, to me, was not being able to chew for three months. You can only eat so much ice cream, mashed potatoes, and so on. But, I have to say it was a small price to pay as I look back. My profile has changed and I am very pleased with the results. I actually have a chin now, although I didn't realize I didn't before. My bite is as it should be and I don't have any pain in my jaw now that everything is aligned. I didn't have a lot of pain from the surgery, just some discomfort. The first few days were the worst, mostly because of the swelling. After about four to six days, I wasn't swollen much at all. As a matter of fact, a week after, I had my first appointment and no one could really tell I just had the surgery. I was back to myself and felt really good. At this point, I don't have any numbness or tingling.

“I realize every case is different, but I hope my story will help someone make their decision. As I end my story, I would like to thank Drs. Hicks and McMurphy and their staff for all they have done for me and my family. God Bless!” – Cindy O.

“I appreciate all that ya'll have done for me. Ya'll are a great group of people. I can continue to smile knowing that my teeth look beautiful thanks to you and your staff. Thanks again!” – Emily W.

“My son Christopher began seeing an orthodontist in 2006 for braces. What we received was very unpleasant care and rude staff members. Christopher would always dread going to his appointments, due to his treatment while there. We were going to this particular orthodontist due to our insurance covering more of the cost. The visits began getting worse, not just for my son, but for myself as well. I am a Christian and consider myself to be very calm and handle most situations well, but the rudeness I received while there and when phoning the office got to the point that I knew something had to give or I would break. After discussing the misery we all felt from this business, my husband told us to find a new doctor. He told us that although we would be losing over $1,000.00 we had already invested there, it was not worth the torment we were all enduring.

“We asked around and was referred to Dr. Hicks’ office. Wow! What a difference! We have not had a day of regret since we began our treatment. This is an office that makes people feel welcome and shows you that they really care about you. My son was in his third year there due to him not following the doctor’s orders and I told Dr. Hicks to just take the braces off, because it is not fair to him and his group for my son not to do as he should. This was extra time and expense to Dr. Hicks. He met me in the lobby and told me that he was aware that Christopher was not doing as he should, but that his teeth were not where he wanted them. He told us that it wasn't about the money, but taking care of Christopher. How many doctors do you know would care so much?

“Please know that my entire family and I appreciate each one of you. Thanks for the friendly voices on the phone, the kind words and smiles in the office, and the fantastic care my son received. Thank you for putting your bad days aside and thinking only of others. We will always recommend you to others.” – Roxanne V.

“My treatment at Hicks & McMurphy was of the highest experience. It was convenient and problem free. The staff was always professional and willing to go the extra mile to meet my needs. The personal attention I received is rare in this day and age. I would not think twice about doing it again. My million-dollar smile is priceless!! Once again, I want to thank everyone at Hicks & McMurphy for a wonderful experience.” – Donal C.

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